A novice’s understanding of Oral Language Development. (Module One Overview)

It seems to me that the only way we can increase oral language development in a class is to continue to practice language orally.  In my studies in SCSU’s EDU 305 course, I was guided by one of my professors to a rather interesting journal entry.  In the text, I was reminded of various tips and tricks of trade.  It would branch from statistical data ranging on what and how young children (particularly in preschool) learned to good times to sit and chat with your young students.  That said, when it comes to oral language development, you must speak!  Talk to students about their day, the weather, or other relevant topics.

Additionally, questions are essential!  If you find yourself reading to students, there are times to stop and ask your students what they believe will happen next or how a character may feel in said scenario.  Try to get them to possibly explain how they would feel in similar situations.  This can also be implemented in to games.  Practicing this may prove invaluable for oral language development as it gets the students to practice putting language together to reach different levels of comprehension and accomplish important goals in general communication.

Parents can do similar things at home.  It’s likely obvious that a parent’s behavior and presence has a large effect on their child(ren).  However, the job of the parents’ goes beyond just logic and knowledge, but also includes emotional growth and understanding.  Remember, what a parent doesn’t teach can be just as important as what they do!


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